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Fractional CO2 Facial Resurfacing

Medical Spa Non-Invasive Preventative Treatments

Following are some great considerations for the millennials, men, brides and women in general looking to enhance their youth and who are specifically looking for alternatives to surgery.

If you could turn back time… – well now you can, and this is just the beginning:

When you look in the mirror each morning, are you noticing another fine line or wrinkle or maybe a dark spot you didn’t have the day before?  Help is here for you and all of us aging women and men!


  1. FACIAL REJUVENATION:  Look youthful and radiant without going under the knife by having the CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment.  Removes fine lines, reduces wrinkles, reduces pore size and rejuvenates the skin.
  1. REVERSE SUN DAMAGE:  Be photo ready:  Eliminate sun damage, pigmentation, aging skin issues, texture, and fine lines comfortably and safely.
  1. SHORT RECOVERY TIME: Use OBAGI MEDICAL GRADE SKIN CARE to work with the skins natural progression in producing healthy and glowing skin.  Use these prescribed products two weeks prior to your Laser Treatment to enhance the results and produce less recovery time.
  1. Book for an OBAGI FACIAL PEEL five days before your Laser Treatment to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells enhancing the results of your CO2 Laser Facial Treatment.
  1. Use the OBAGI NU DERM TAKE HOME KIT to help maintain new skin by sloughing off the old skin cells and promoting the new cell process. Note:  Always test your skin for any skin sensitivities prior to treatments.

These are just a few of the non-invasive treatments keeping you looking younger and being your best self.  These preventative treatments can turn the clock back without surgery.  The earlier you start, the longer time you have to enjoy your youthful skin!

The future promises more exciting non-invasive (non-surgical) procedures for women and men as well.  After all, skin is skin, and we all want to look like we used to before wrinkles and fine lines started to sneakily appear.

Stay tuned for more helpful preventative treatments and skin care products you should consider and also some hairstyles and makeup do’s and don’ts.

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