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Q: What are my best fragrances?

A: They are based on your mood and unique body chemistry…

In this blog entry, I try to present information that is informative, fun, playful and helpful to you and your life. Oftentimes, I use “the five senses” as one of the guidelines in my research and preparation. As you will discover, this blog entry will address your aromatic sense while discovering which fragrances harmonize best with your uniqueness…

To begin with, there are basically four fragrance categories:

1. Citrus – light and fresh
2. Floral – sweet and strong
3. Earth – simple yet mysterious
4. Musk – heavy and sexy

Each of these fragrance categories sends a different signal (or message) to the more than 40 million olfactory receptor neurons which reside in the olfactory epithelium in the nasal cavity. In other words, what we “smell” can affect our mood, attitude and perceptions.

Based on body chemistry, a fragrance can have dramatic differences from person-to-person. It’s important to try the fragrance first (on you) and give it time to mature. Fragrances are a combination of “notes” with some “notes” lasting longer than others. (i.e. Base note last longest – middle note second longest – top note evaporates first).

What scent works for your friend, may not work for you. For example, oily skin types will hold a fragrance longer and make it stronger than someone with dry skin. A fragrance is designed to last about four hours, however, on someone with an oilier skin type, it may last all day. Apply or reapply appropriately…

Also, when shopping for a fragrance you will find it in basically four different concentrations:

1. Eau de cologne – least concentrated – better for oily skin types
2. Eau de toilette – more concentrated – better for oily skin types
3. Eau de parfum – still more concentrated – better for dry skin types
4. Parfum – most concentrated – better for dry skin types

Things like genetics, skin type, hair color, lifestyle, medications, exercise, smoking, age, climate, time-of-year and environment can all change a fragrance.

Some things to consider:

True Blondes typically have dryer skin types – better with, Eau de parfum or Parfum 
True Brunettes typically have oilier skin types – better with, Eau de cologne or Eau de toilette
True Redheads typically have fair, delicate skin types – beware of green note fragrances as they may be incompatible with your body chemistry (Green Notes are Plant Extracts).

Depending on the occasion, where you apply your fragrance does make a difference. While there are many suggestions as to where to apply a fragrance, the pulse points are great – behind the ears, opposite side of elbow (arm) and opposite side of knee(leg). During increased heart rate, respiration and perspiration these areas will reactivate the fragrances due to moisture and heat.

A fragrance (or smells we experience) can have a combination of the following three effects:

1. Psychological
2. Pharmacological
3. Physiological

Wanna try a fragrance concoction of your own to see how easy it is to make your own personalized aroma?

Here’s your starting point…


3 drops of sandalwood essential/fragrance oil
2 drops of vanilla essential/fragrance oil
3 drops of cedarwood essential/fragrance oil
15 drops of bergamot essential/fragrance oil
½ pint (300 ml) 70 percent alcohol or vodka

Directions: Pour vodka into a clean, glass container (jar or bottle). Add the oils and shake well. Seal container and leave for one week. Go easy on this stuff, you can always make more…

There are three basic ingredients in making a fragrance:

1. Essential/Fragrance Oils
2. Pure grain alcohol or a good vodka (Don’t drink it… you’ll be wearing it)
3. Your Imagination…

Remember: Base notes last longest, middle notes last second longest and top notes evaporate first…

Until next time, have fun and discover!

Dorlon Peckham
POSH Owner/Stylist
250 Crummer Lane
Reno, NV 89502

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